172 CI 172





on air from Noumea



Christian is active from his beautiful QTH in Noumea, which is the  capital and largest city of the French special collectivity of New Caledonia.

It is situated on a peninsula in the south of New Caledonia's main island, Grande Terre.


New Caledonia is a land of welcome and authenticity where people and cultural influences blend in together.

With its lagoon registered on the Unesco world heritage list, ,Grande Terre offers  spectacular natural scenery.


On the air since 1979, Christian is an enthusiastic  and experienced Dxer who has worked and confirmed many divisions.


His working conditions consist of a Ham international jumbo

Speedy 26/30 mhz  radio 200/800 watts.


He uses a  5/8 mobile antenna and  an HB9CV 2 elements for his home base station.


Christian is  in the process of installing a 12 m tower so that he will heard better when cycle 25 comes around.

Christian enjoys sharing  time  with his family and his friends while cooking some tasty items on his BBQ.


His friends describe him as a generous man with a big heart who is always prepared to show solidarity.


As eating in New Caledonia is an absolute delight, Christian likes to shop at the outdoor markets that burst with colour and life of the local products.





We are looking forward to meeting you on the air Christian and we wish you the best of luck with your DX.