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Rogerio lives in Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America.


According to the name of his neighbourhood "Pirituba" which is located in the Northern part of Sao Paulo, Rogerio's radio friends  refer to him as "Rogerio Pirituba" when they mention him.


Located in the South East region of Brazil, the metropolis of Sao Paulo is the most populated city  in Brazil.


Since its founding in 1554, São Paulo became the gateway to the sertão (Brazil's backcountry), and explorers known as bandeirantes made expeditions from the city into this region.


Immigrants from all over the world have always been a part of São Paulo, and you'll still see the influence of Portuguese, Spanish, German, African, Jewish, Arab, and Japanese residents on its life and culture.




On the air since 1976, Rogerio is a devoted freeband DX Hunter and a  licensed Ham as well.


Even though, Rogerio had several interruptions regarding the hobby, over the years he has made thousands of contacts from all continents.

"One of my best memory is certaintly when I made contact with Japan for the first  time" says Rogerio.


Dedicated hobbyist, Rogerio enjoys meeting new friends on the air as well as taking part in contests and activations.


Operating from his home QTH, his working contidions consists of a Yaesu FT 1000 and a vertical vector 4 000 antenna.



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When he is not Dxing, Rogerio is into tropical fish.


He enjoys taking care of his 2 aquariums.


He is also a great fan of motor  car racing and has been involved in the Interlagos autodromo hosting the Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix since 1973.




We really hope to meet you soon on the air Rogerio.

Best 73's