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   What is expected from a Charlie India member ?

We expect our members to follow the proper radio operating etiquette :

Call T5 and QSY.

Don't cause QRM.

Act with courtesy on air.

"CQ contest" calls must contain a QSY frequency,

when sending for a QSL confirmation, please include a contribution and a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope).






What is CHARLIE INDIA's philosophy ?

Charlie India DX group is a NON PROFIT making group.

We will never ask you for any fees or sponsorship.


Membership of the group is FREE.


Our aim is to make our hobby full of enjoyment and not become a  business.


This is why we provide our members with ELECTRONIC QSL CARDS, I.E. : everyone can DX and confirm a contact free of charge.


We can also provide a service of E QSL management to those who are not familiar with sending E QSL cards.


Members who wish to have their own personal QSL card printed can do so, after the design has been approved by CI-HQ.



How to become a CI member ?

Contact us and provide your email address, location, facebook ID (if you are on Facebook) and  preferred unit number.


Please note that units from 001 to 005 are reserved for HQ members, coordinators, directors.


73's from CI-HQ



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