The Charlie India Club is organising  its annual  Halloween LETTERS challenge that will take place from


the 24th of October to the 1st of November.


The challenge consists of chasing the letters of the word HALLOWEEN.


 The list of the CHARLIE INDIA ACTIVANT STATIONS  will be anounced very soon.












DATES : from Saturday 24th of October at 00.00 GMT to Sunday 1st of November 24.00 GMT.






· Each contact is worth TWO points.

· Contacts between CHARLIE INDIA activant stations are permitted and the same scoring rule applies : 2 points  per contact.

The same QRZ can only appear once in your log for the entire duration of the challenge (multiple entries will not count).

Stations logged are “in the log” (ITL) NO PROGRESSIVE NUMBERS ISSUED.





· The aim is to make contact with all of  the 9 CHARLIE INDIA HALLOWEEN STATIONS 

. Each letter is worth 5 POINTS.

. Only one contact with the same official activant  station (letter station and bonus station)  is permitted during the duration of  the challenge.


Regarding operators achieving the same score, final   positions will be determined by the time taken to achieve their points.




Log sheets must  contain the following contact details : Date of QSO, time in GMT, callsign, frequency, mode, R/S.

Logs must be received by the CI HQ by 22/11/2020.


Logs can be emailed to or posted to :

Charlie India, PO BOX 32, 20243 PRUNELLI DI FBO, FRANCE



An E QSL card will be provided for this event : every activant if requested, can confirm a contact via the E qsl card.





· The first  OPERATOR of each category will win prizes.


Everyone who takes part in the CI HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE LETTERS qualify for an an E award certificate.


GOOD LUCK to everyone !