Multi band Hex beam antenna

by Adrian 26 CI 2121

As anyone that has worked me on 11m will know, I had been running my station with the Antron 99 vertical getting good results.

But I knew I could do better “flat side” with some gain.


I purchased the beam from a radio friend who had originally installed the antenna above his home 4 years ago.


It was taken down and partially dissembled on 13th of January and transported to my QTH the same day.


Keen to  press the beam into action I waited for dry weather.

I reassembled the fiberglass structure which supports the elements on the 17th of January.


After cleaning the wires in a bath of vinegar and salt solution, the next day I rigged up the 6 wire elements and fitted the 40m extension kit.

So it now had 7 bands (8 bands if you count 11m working off the 10m element)

I tested the resonance using a SARK-110 antenna analyser


and the results were very encouraging, it was even resonant on the top end of 11m !

It will tune up on the CEPT and Free-band frequencies.







Prior to raising the mast I had to modify my home-brew tower and remove my VHF vertical from the top as it is not possible to support a vertical above a Hex Beam.


Raising the mast was delayed because two trees had to be cut back to allow for a safe erection.


Now up in the air (over 12 m to the base of the antenna).

You can see the Create RC5-1 rotator in the cage below it.


On air testing today is very promising with contacts into Brazil, Italy, Greece, Sierra Leone,

Switzerland, Russia, Spain and France.


Forward gain figures are similar to larger multi element beams costing more than double

the new price of this model.


For more information on the G3TXQ Hex Beam


Thanks for reading this, I hope to work you very soon.



73 & Good DX,



26 CI 2121