Fiume Ciane & Saline di Siracusa

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Location : 8 km south of Siracusa

Coordinates : 37.0549°N   15.2701°E

The reserve is located on the outskirts of the city of Syracuse and it consists of the Ciane river and wetland of Saline, placed near its mouth.


This area, along the Cold River, is the only site where the papyrus grows wild.


The River Ciane, whose name comes from the greek Cyanos which means blue, was born in Cozzo del Pantano, in the floodplain of Siracusa. 

The papyrus (Cyperus papyrus L.ssp.siculus) grows on is banks.


The River Ciane, following a road of 8 km long,  flows in the Great Harbour of Siracusa.

Closer to it  is the Saline, that remained in operation until the eighties, and are now abandoned and constitute an important wetland for migratory birds to stop.


The most important aspect of the flora of the reserve is the presence of papyrus (Cyperus papyrus L.ssp.siculus), a typical plant of North Africa, rather rare in Europe, which belongs to the family of Cyperaceae, and has an erect trunk, submerged in its lower part, with a triangular shape, 3 to 6 meters high, which leads to the top with an inflorescence terminating in a spikelet of flowers.


This plant is related to the development of writing because its stem was produced by the papyrus paper of the ancient Egyptians.


More info : https://www.siracusaturismo.net/public/cosa_vedere/Riserva_Naturale_Fiume_Ciane_e_Saline_di_Siracusa_Siracusa.asp

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